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All jewelry is made-to-order, delivery in 4 -6 weeks.

Design & Expertise

The art and science of design is at the heart of our jewelry.  Beginning with a creative inspiration and concept, our jewelry is then imagined for beauty and style, and adapted for comfort, flexibility and durability – each finished piece a perfect marriage between elegance and functionality, reflecting our collective 30 years of experience in the luxury jewelry industry.



Crafted in the heart of Manhattan’s historic Diamond District, all our jewelry is proudly made in our exclusive workshop in New York, and then evaluated to pass our strict quality standards.  Our artisans have decades of experience in stone setting, jewelry assembly, and polishing – and immense care is taken to ensure each finished piece is an elegant jewel that will stand the test of time.



The diamonds used in our jewelry are all natural stones of the highest grades of color (D, E and F) and clarity (VS2 or superior).  Great care is taken to ensure that the cut of each stone allows the light to refract perfectly within, creating its striking fire and brilliance.  Unrivaled for their quality and consistency, our diamonds are purchased in New York and have been certified under the Kimberly Process warranty system.  This system is a standard used across the jewelry industry and is part of a global effort to eradicate illegal diamonds. 

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Gold & Platinum

Gold and platinum are enduringly beautiful metals. They resist tarnish over time and can be gently polished to reinstate a flawless sheen even after years of wear.  Our jewelry is crafted entirely in 18K gold and platinum, and polished to a mirror finish by our expert craftsmen.

All 18K gold is seventy-five percent pure gold, combined with other metals to create an alloy.  For yellow gold, this alloy strengthens the naturally soft character of pure gold, making it more resistant to scratches or dents.  For rose or white gold, the alloy is created for this purpose, as well as to alter the overall hue of the metal.


Satin & Leather Bracelet Straps

Our elegant leather and satin straps are made by hand in France by Camille Fournet, a company in operation since 1945.  As a partner to some of the most prestigious timepiece brands, we are proud to collaborate with them as our exclusive supplier of bracelet straps.

Currently straps are available in black, snow, midnight blue, dusk and blush and custom colors are available upon request.


Our leather jewelry boxes were designed and developed in London and produced by artisans in Bangladesh using traditional methods.  Ethical sourcing and fair-trade practices are important to us, and we are proud to manufacture our boxes with this experienced supplier.

Our paper packaging is produced locally here in the United States, and all materials are responsible forestry certified (FSC).


Taking Care of Your Jewelry

We recommend always removing jewelry worn on the hands and arms when doing any activities that could lead to damage. This could include some household activities like gardening or washing dishes, outdoor activities such as exercising or playing sports, and daily rituals where jewelry could come in contact with abrasives such as soaps, detergents or sunscreens. Cosmetics, perfumes and hair products may have chemicals that could corrode metal.  When not worn, we recommend returning your jewel to its original packaging for safekeeping.

Jewelry can be polished after years of wear to restore its sheen. It is however only recommended to do this once or twice during the life of a piece to avoid polishing away the definition of its shape.  Although polishing is best done by a professional, polishing cloths can be gently and lightly used at home to remove fine surface scratches and restore shine.  Gentle jewelry cleaning solutions can also be used to restore luster.


Return Policy

All jewelry is accepted for credit or exchange in the U.S. if returned in saleable condition within 30 days, accompanied by a sales receipt. Please note however, that items that are personalized with engraving services or other types of customization may not be returned or exchanged.

We offer complimentary shipping for any item that you’d like to return. Please email us at and we will respond with a shipping label and further instructions.

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